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Feb 26, 2010

Singapore Seah Clan Association - 59 Years Ago

The above photo of the Singapore Seah Clan Association (SSCA), 新加坡佘氏公会, was taken on 2 December, 1951, first anniversary 59 years ago. The inset photo is my late father, Seah Tian Yam (佘天炎).

The photo below was taken on 25 February, 2010, the premises of the SSCA at 51, Lorong 8, Geylang Road, Singapore, 399111.

The occasion is the official appointment and sworn-in of the 2010/2011 SSCA Executive Committee, followed by a celebration for the Lunar New Year 2010 get-together dinner.

2010/2011年度新加坡佘氏公会, 新旧理事就职与交卸仪式暨2010年新春团拜联欢宴会

The surname Seah (written variedly in English as Siah, Sia, etc) is "She" in Hanyu Pinyin as 佘 which is a fewer Singaporean Chinese with our family surname.

A majority of the pioneer SSCA executive committee members are still dedicated and active contributing their clan association.

Included are several of their younger generation children were developing the future of Singapore Seah Clan Association, regardless of age or gender.

It is heartening to note that Facebook, a social networking site, has been added the SEAH Group as shown in the website banner at:!/group.php?gid=23069357456

A photo of the "SEAH" Group Facebook members young and old.



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