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Nov 25, 2009


School's out for the month-long year-end school holidays!

I could hear young kids shouting along the corridor "Yippee, school holiday is here! " as they rush home from kindergarten or school on the last day of school. They would be pestering their parents with holiday plans to bring them to places they would not have the chance visit during the school term or to do things they couldn't find time to do when they are busy with homework and studies.

Its a long-awaited break school children always look forward to every year-end.

Kids in Singapore these days are lucky that they have a wide range of fun activities lined up for them during the school holiday period; events and activities organised by the community centres, clan associations, public libraries and education-related organisations.

This year, the Asian Children's Festival runs from 21 - 29 November and the main event, KidsASIA! was held from 21-22 November (10.30 am to 6.00 pm) at the Plaza, National Library Building.

The purpose of the blog posted was event of over and new ones. The surprise will like ever changes, with new events, and whatever every one remember for the day.


The Asian Children's Festival from the  Rambling Librarian  blog  which Ivan Chew helped his colleague Haryani Othman, Programmes Executive with the National Library Board, to publicise the event.

[   Welcome to the 10th Asian Children's Festival and to our KidsASIA! event. Kick start your school holidays with us! Celebrate, play and have fun at the special activity zones created just for you! Groove to the cool and up-to-date performances by kids for kids, Creative your own masterpieces, Play exciting games within your family and Chill out with stories from all over the world!   ]


On the morning of 22 November, 2009 was at National Library Board where the KidASIA event was in full swing. The Plaza, Level 1, was crowded with parents and young kids. A carnival atmosphere was in the air, as you will see from the photos on the blog update.

The kid needs all book. Never a waste to learn. For safety and porter.


Once the day of the event is over, how many more can one keep the blogs to keep ever and ever for a longer time...not any more the ending again and again.

The gone is over...
tomorrow is another day...
the event is the ending...but forever in the blog !!!



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Blogger Thimbuktu said...

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