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Feb 14, 2009

Why Are Blogs So Popular, And Why Do I Need One?

Blogs have become almost as popular as websites. They have their own search engines, ad directories, and forums. Blogs have gained in popularity, and for good reasons.

First, Blogs work great in connection with your website. Your website is more on the business level, where your blog is more on a personal level. You can give thoughts on your current promotions or products, or comment on how you business is doing. Many people add what they are currently learning about, making their blog seem like a journey. Always put a link to your website on your blog and vice versa. This will allow customers to see both sides of you if they want to. Remember consumers want to know who they are buying from, and what is a better way to learn about a webmaster than through a blog. This gives them a sense of comfort. They will be less likely to think that you might be scamming them.

Another reason blogs have gained in popularity is-they are free! More and more people are using blogs to earn an income instead of paying for a website. You don't need to pay for hosting or a domain names with a blog. You can put all your affiliate programs on your blog to earn an extra income. You can also ad Google Adsense to your blog which will give you an additional source to profit from. It is free, and there really is no reason not to do this. It is also very easy to make changes to your blog, and even an amateur computer user can maintain one. Just read the tutorial that is provided to you, and you will be on your way.

There are many non-business blogs as well. It is a perfect way for family and friends that may live far apart to keep in touch. It is a way to share your passions with others who may have the same passion. For instance, my daughter loves animals. She would probably want to link to other animal site blogs and have them link back to her. Finally, even your children are learning to create their own blogs. Not only is this a great project to help teach children about the Internet, but it also gives them a way to express themselves. Some even make a diary out of their blog. Just be sure to teach your children Internet safety. Never put personal information such as address, phone number, complete birth date, or social security number, on any site or blog. There are too many people who would use that information for the wrong reason. So be safe, and happy blogging!

Written By: Alicia Bodine



Blogger Kiron Manuel said...

yes blogs are important.Keep up your good work.

October 9, 2012 at 1:31 PM  

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